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The Most Disturbing Poll In Recent Memory

from The Gray Area:
As The Daily Wire declared, The Most Disturbing Poll In Recent Memory was just published. We could not agree more! Again, according to The Daily Wire, 'to the latest Harvard/Harris poll, while a strong majority of every age group agree that the October 7 terror slaughter of 1,200 Israelis and the kidnapping of another 240 was, indeed, a genocidal terror attack, some 60% of people aged 18 to 24 said that genocidal terror attack “can be justified by the grievances of Palestinians.” That’s correct: While two-thirds of 18- to 24-year-olds agree that Hamas’ terror attacks were genocidal in nature, six in 10 still said they could be justified. It gets worse. Every age group in America except for 18- to 24-year-olds sides with Israel against Hamas; the older you are, the less crazy you are, with those 65 and older siding 96 to 4 against Hamas. For the youngs, however, the numbers are split right down the middle: 50/50." A chart published by Reason Magazine shows the breakdown: This is frightening, but not surprising. We see the faces of these depraved young people on the streets & college campuses protesting.  We see their impact in every area of society now, and on every issue. From free speech, to education, to gender, to parental rights, to private property, to climate change, to media, to censorship, to freedom, to violence, and more. Another telling aspect to this poll, not a single mainstream media outlet has published the results. Curious, at least, wouldn't you say.  Though also not surprising.  These poll results confirm right wing political narratives and refute left wing political narratives.  Therefore, the mainstream, left wing media will ignore the poll. News doesn't matter.  Political narratives matter. Even though it is not surprising that such a large percentage of young people actually believe that white people & Jews are 'oppressors' and should be dealt with as such, it is very disturbing to see the numbers. The poll results further reveal how far down into the cesspool things have gotten while we slept. You can see by age group how dramatic the shift is in ideology between 24 & below and 25 and above. Basically this century is when things went south for our children. As The Daily Wire appropriately stated in its artcle, this poll reveals that, It’s the kids, Marty. Something has got to be done about your kids. More From Daily Wire:

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