Republican lost the House in 2018 due to reactions to Donald Trump and the overhanging Mueller Russia investigation. In 2020 Republicans lost the Presidency to Joe Biden in a hotly disputed election result fraught with voter fraud allegations. After a runoff of 2 seats in Georgia in January, 2021, Republicans lost the Senate (50-50). With the Presidency and both houses of Congress now lost, concerns over the integrity of our elections, and Democrats threatening to change election laws, abolish the Electoral College and pack the Supreme Court, Republicans fear for the future of the country that they will never win another election. The previous decade, Republicans won the House in 2010 mid-term election, retaining the House in 2012 and claiming the Senate in the 2014 mid-terms. The Republicans continued their climb back to power in 2016 by retaining the House and Senate and adding the Presidency as Donald Trump won a resounding electoral college victory claiming 30 states. Though he lost the popular vote, President Trump moved into 2017 with a populist victory, a conservative agenda and control of the Congress to roll back President Obama's liberal policies.

60% Left & Right of Center, Americans

from The Gray Area:
Saw a couple of tweets today, each with a partisan spin on the subject of political parties in Washington. The first one is a video of a small bird chasing a worm.  At first glance it appeared the bird was just chasing dinner.  Then, upon closer investigation, you realize the bird is just walking up to the worm and opening its mouth, apparently expecting the worm to jump in.  The paraphrased caption reads, 'Birds are fed by their parents in infancy.  Later, there can be some confusion when food does not jump into their mouths'.  Ted Cruz retweeted with the statement, Democrats in Washington. An enterprising Twitter user of another political persuasion responded with a pic of the Jan 6th riot with the statement, Republicans in Washington. Cute Twitter contrast and banter. But, both tweets offer an example of the partisan divide in the shorthand of 'political narratives'. Sen. Ted Cruz uses the traditional narrative against Democrats as bleeding hearts, or today Communists, who want to give people every basic element of life, thus removing incentive and desire to work, in exchange for total dependence on government. The enterprising Twitter Democrat uses the image of the violent right.  This is the narrative pushed by the Democrat Party and the media since Jan 6, 2021 to damage their opponent, the Republican party.  As usual, the media has tremendous success with establishment of this political message, as evidenced by this tweet. This use of political narratives is shorthand for the partisan base's belief system that the 'other side' is bad.  It takes away any dialogue about the real issues.  In this case it is also very general, so impossible to refute in any concise manner.  We simply respond with 'its a false narrative', or 'that's a lie'. And, these are both 'false narratives', to some degree. The Jan 6th riot was not an 'insurrection', simply a riot. Shameful no less, but not an 'armed insurrection', far from it. Most conservative Republicans are not violent, just right of center, Americans. By the same token, all Democrats are not Communists, though some on the extreme, like BLM, are Marxist revolutionaries. Democrats are mostly level headed, left of center, Americans. While we are amused at the Twitter banter, remember the impact of political narratives to cloud issues and further divide our country.  This makes it easier for the extreme positions & messages to take control. To help provide clarity on issues, 'vary your news sources'. This will help you filter out political narratives in your review of political issues. If there are 20% extremes on the right & the left, then lets find the 60% just left & right of center and unite.

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