In 2020, Democrat Joe Biden & Kamala Harris captured the Presidency and Vice Presidency in a hotly debated result fraught with voter fraud allegations. The Democrats won back the Senate (50-50) with 2 victories in runoff elections in Georgia in January. With both Houses of Congress and the Presidency, the Democrat agenda is ready to be unleashed on the populace beginning inauguration day, January 20, 2021. During the previous decade, the Democrat Party lost the House in 2010, Senate in the 2014 mid-term elections and President Obama's effectiveness ratings continued to decline. In 2016 they lost the Presidency to Republican Donald Trump. Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton, failed to retain the White House with a similar coalition of young people, women and minority voters that swept Barack Obama into office in 2008. Yet the coalition did not show up in the force needed. The Democrat candidate won the popular vote in reliably blue states (California, Washington, Illinois, New York, Massachusetts, etc) as a result of overwhelming majorities in major coastal metropolitan areas like LA, SF, Seattle, NYC, Boston, Washington DC). They failed miserably in the heartland and in other blue states in the rust belt (Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin) and lost a total of 30 states giving a landslide electoral college victory to the Republican candidate. The Democrats have lost over 1,000 seats at the national, state and local levels nationwide in the past 7 years. In 2018 Democrats took back the House over negative reactions to Donald Trump & the Russian Investigation hovering over the political landscape.

The problem is Biden, not Zelensky, maybe

from The Gray Area:
12/22/22; updated 12/28/22:
Everyone still supports Ukraine's fight against the Russian invasion of their country. Period. But, the notion that “Providing assistance for Ukrainians to defeat the Russians is the number one priority for the United States,” as Minority Leader Mitch McConnell put it, is quite another thing. The same can be said for doubling the amount of money the United States was spending on Afghanistan in its last years for this war’s first year.

What Republicans don't support is Joe Biden and the free spending Democrats. This continued throwing of bags of money over the fence to other countries without any sort of accountability is beyond stupid. We do it with Ukraine, we do it for climate change, we do it for other countries, even those who don't like us (Iran). And, of course, we have done it domestically since Biden took office. At this rate, bankruptcy is next for us. We bankrupt the USSR in 1990 and we are now doing it to ourselves, some say on purpose. And, lets not forget the seizure of Crimea under Obama and none seemed to care. The famous Biden extortion deal with Ukraine during the Obama Administration, the subsequent scandal and impeachment of President Trump for having the audacity to question the deal. Does any of this money find its way back to the Biden 'crime family', as its called? There is also a political stand being taken by some Republicans to use money for Ukraine as a bargaining chip for money to secure the US border. Biden has shown he has no concern for the southern border. His administration says the border is 'not open'. As Biden said a couple of weeks ago, 'there are more important things'. These two statements remain a telling and frightening political position. So, hoping to negotiate Biden off that stance on the border by using Ukraine, just looks bad for Republicans. Other issues with Ukraine have arisen which deserve some kind of investigation. Allegations such as closing churches and imprisoning priests, makes one suspect democracy in Ukraine may be different than that which we subscribe. Though, the anti-religion tone sounds a lot like that which the Democrat Party in the US subscribes. The truth is there is no such thing as a perfect ally. Ukraine is certainly not perfect. That doesn't mean we should let Russia have their way with them. The Democrat Party hates Russia. They decided to hate Russia in 2016 in their 'war on Trump', even though Obama maligned Mitt Romney in 2012 for bringing up Russia as 'foreign policy from the 80s'. Continually demonizing Russia plays right into their political hand. So the Republicans will take the opposite view of the Democrats, just cause. The Democrat Party loves China. There is no debate on this point, it is just fact. You cannot find a Democrat policy that does not support China. Ok, recent attempts to close TikTok might sound like one, but this is political posturing, and lame at that, following Democrat support for Zero COVID policies, not supporting lockdown protestors or oppressed minorities and doing nothing to inhibit Chinese technological espionage in this country. The Democrat Party loves China, and will do whatever it can to get the US into closer ties with the Communist powerhouse. Why you might ask?

We'll leave that for another post.

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