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Congress: Don’t Ban Russian Energy Without Unleashing American Energy

from The Gray Area:

California Gov. Gavin Newsom recently proposed a $400 debit cards for car owners, free transit, gas tax cuts.

Congress is also considering measures to ban energy imports from Russia.

The California plan is, not surprisingly, misguided. As we all know, pouring more free money into the economy will have inflationary results and negatively affect gas prices. The Russia ban is another good sounding idea that is actually, by itself, bad. Coupled with state actions like California's, it is a double negative whammy.

As the Heritage Action press release below points out, we should reject bans on Russian energy unless the bans are accompanied by measures to unleash American energy production and support Americans both on the job and at the pump. It’s long past time to put American energy first.

from The Wall Street Journal,

New $11 billion relief package aims to help Californians ease burden of higher gasoline prices

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