Would You Feel The Same If Lt. Col. Scheller's Post was against Pres. Trump?

from The Gray Area:
The Washington Post over this weekend issued an editorial opinion that the sentence Lt Col Stuart Scheller got was a 'slap on the wrist'. WaPo argues that 'such a light penalty for such a deliberate' act sets a horrible precedent for others would might now feel more free to 'breach ... the core principle of civilian control of the military [and] could cause real long-term harm'. WaPo, would you feel the same if Lt. Col. Scheller's post was against Pres. Trump? For one, you clearly don't understand the rules of military discipline. He did not do anything treasonous. He disobeyed a direct order. No lives were in danger. For that you are reprimanded, or court-martialed or separated from the military, possibly with a dis-honorable discharge. That is a significant penalty. Maybe even losing his pension which would be a travesty. He will already be giving up years of continued service and continued building of his pension had he chosen to stay quiet. For this he might spend a night in the 'brig', not nine days in solitary confinement. He was of no harm to others or himself.  He became a political prisoner. Yes, we know the answer to this question, what would you say if he spoke out against Pres Trump? He would be hailed a brave whistleblower. He would be protected under the whistleblower statutes. He would be brought before Congress to describe how bad he thinks Trump is. It would be grounds for impeachment, even if Trump is no longer President! Hordes of pro-bono lawyers from the Democrats and their leftist supporters would be lining up to take his case against the military, Trump and everyone else they might want to put through the ringer. With complete support from the media. It is understood that today there are two systems of justice in America, one for Democrats and one for Republicans. This is the problem we have with the mainstream media and all those who fall in line with their political narratives. The narrative is transparent, politically motivated and harmful to America. And, for those who pay attention, unevenly applied. Fortunately for Lt. Col. Scheller and the rest of the country, the trial judge did his job without succumbing to political pressure. Here is a perspective from Tucker Carlson Tonight, including an interview with Col. Scheller's parents. More From FoxNews - Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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