Colin Powell died of complications from blood cancer

from The Gray Area:

Sadly, Gen Colin Powell died today. He was a significant force in later 20th Century politics and America military strategy. He will be sourly missed.

The media is promoting other political narratives about the General. One, the first Black Secretary of State. This would not be so important to them had Gen Powell not endorsed Barack Obama for President in 2008 & 2012. For that he became a media darling. before that, he was in the Bush, both of them, White House political circles and, therefore, not someone to be promoted in the media. His blackness could be recognized, as it is a political narrative, but not his accomplishments. Today, they can celebrate both and try to coop his image and impact for the left. Another political narrative, more blatantly pushed here, COVID. When anyone dies they die of COVID, or in this case COVID complications.

It matters not that he was vaccinated. That goes against the political narrative that vaccinations save lives. They have already started reactively defending vaccines with Powell's death doesn't mean COVID vaccines don't work. Can't blame it on the unvaccinated, or maybe they can. It matters not that he was medically fragile and compromised, including Parkinson’s and the blood cancer multiple myeloma.

No, this American hero died of COVID complications the media insist. They will even dig deeper, How Powell's Cancer Could Have impacted his Vaccine. This helps to redirect from the vaccine mandates and other vaccine narratives like masks and social distancing that now look even more silly.

It would be more accurate and less dramatic if they said he died from complications of Parkinson’s and the blood cancer multiple myeloma. The complication being COVID, the same as if he died from pneumonia.

But, this would leave out all the political messaging. No can do for the mainstream media.

Rest in peace Colin Powell. You had a life that mattered. God Bless you!

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