A center-right ideology similar in many ways to Conservatism. They believe in a strong economy, using capitalism, that benefits all. Free markets vs government engineering to create new goods & services, with focus on attention to the human element. They believe in minimal state intervention in the free market and the private lives of citizens. In foreign policy they are non-interventionist. Market forces can figure out policy with energy, healthcare, education, etc without government intervention. They are not fans of a 'Central Bank' control of money.
“Free Staters are the single biggest threat the state is facing today.”
An example of the "tolerance" of the left.
from Free Keene,

According to Wikipedia, Free Staters are libertarian and anarchist-leaning people to move to a single low-population state (New Hampshire, selected in 2003) in order to make the state a stronghold for libertarian ideas. District 8, Democrat State Representative Cynthia Chase of Keene has made her position clear on liberty-loving activists moving here, and it’s quite the endorsement of the success of the Free State Project. In a post to Blue Hampshire, she reveals that she believes Free Staters are the biggest threat to the state (something to be proud of) and that she and some others on Central Square during the peace vigil attempted to scare away a visiting couple from moving here. (As an aside, what was Ms. Chase doing at the peace vigil? She must be very confused about what peace is. Hint- it doesn’t include using aggressive force on people via “the state”.)

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