Why Is The Mainstream Media Not Covering the Collapse of Venezuela 24/7?

from The Gray Area:

A major country is collapsing and the American mainstream media want to ignore it and focus on the Russian 'witch hunt', why?

The Media Research Center says "networks have largely ignored the chaos in socialist Venezuela since dictator Hugo Chavez died in 2013 and new dictator Nicolas Maduro took power. This year alone, more than 50 people have been killed protesting Maduro. Also, inflation is expected to surpass 700%, unemployment is 25%, and there are endless shortages of food and medicine.

It is a nightmare caused by socialism, in a regime praised and visited by President Obama in 2009, similar to his ideological romance with Communist Cuba.

Despite Venezuela's disaster, ABC, NBC & CBS have aired only 25 stories on the country in the last four years, barely 30 seconds a month. The situation is so unhinged that Venezuelans are reportedly eating zoo animals to survive. But the nets are silent. They also do not criticize the leftist politicians and celebrities that praise Maduro. They're hiding the truth about Venezuela, just like they hid the truth about Cuba and the USSR."

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