Culture War
Many from both the right and the left bemoan the state of the American culture today. Whether it is the lack of positive images in TV, movies, music, politicians, sports figures, police in schools and more, freedom and morality are discussed as being in conflict with each other. Benjamin Franklin once wrote on the subject: "Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need for masters." This should ring true to you today as we debate not only our eroding culture, but the role of government in our lives. Are culture and the need for more government control more connected than we realize?

How one elderly churchgoer inspires us to celebrate the best of America this July 4th

by Richard Greene,
from Fort Worth Star Telegram,

There are an estimated 11 million people who have made that journey and are now among us without the benefit of citizenship. Yet they continue to come in spite of all the things we hear from politicians and the media about the imperfections of our country and the failings of our leaders. That situation exists nowhere else on earth. No other country’s borders are overrun with people trying to get in. No other country allows millions of people to enter illegally and remain alongside citizens, or provides them with what they need to support their daily lives. Only ours. So, as we are reminded during this special week of celebration that the American Dream is not only alive and well but stronger than ever before, we know we are indeed greatly blessed. For me, that cue has come from the image of a fellow communicant painfully struggling to her feet in tribute to all that has brought us to where we are today — 243 years after those fateful events that launched an unimagined journey producing an outcome unequaled in all of human history.

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