Culture War
Many from both the right and the left bemoan the state of the American culture today. Whether it is the lack of positive images in TV, movies, music, politicians, sports figures, police in schools and more, freedom and morality are discussed as being in conflict with each other. Benjamin Franklin once wrote on the subject: "Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need for masters." This should ring true to you today as we debate not only our eroding culture, but the role of government in our lives. Are culture and the need for more government control more connected than we realize?

American destruction underway, a continuing list

from The Gray Area:
6/22/20: updated 7/8/20

Jacobin 2020.

Think the French Revolution. France's attempt at copying the American Revolution, but it went terribly wrong. Ended up in the tyranny of Napoleon.

Is that what we are watching evolve before our eyes in 2020? The destruction of the American Revolution in favor of (French) 'tbd' tyranny?

Below is a list of history, art and other staples of American culture that are being destroyed before our eyes. This was also done in the French Revolution. Then replaced with new history, sculpture and art to match the tyrannical leadership's new found priorities.

And we just sit and watch!

Try to read through this list and not scratch you head or hit yourself in the forehead with astonishment at just how crazy this all is.

Will we continue to watch until America is all gone?

We will continue to add to this list, unfortunately, for as long as necessary.

Food Land O Lakes Eskimo Pie Uncle Ben's Rice Aunt Jemima Brands Dixie Chicks change their name to just The Chicks Lady Antebellum changed their name to Lady A Jeep - Cherokee, Comanche, Mojave brands under attack, considered problematic. And by the way, Gladiator too. They were slaves. Mastercard Changes Name To Equalitycard. This is a joke, but did you think it was real for a moment? Amazon gets the guillotine. thought i was crazy using the French Revolution comparison didn't you. Washington Redskins doing a 'thorough review' of possible new names Cleveland Indians announce plans to consider name change Masters golf tournament should change its name! (again you can't make this stuff up.) Statues & Art Teddy Roosevelt George Washington Thomas Jefferson Francis Scott Key Caesar Rodney Christopher Columbus US Grant, who fought for racial justice Robert E Lee Abraham Lincoln statue in Boston to come down says Boston mayor Wisconsin college students demand Lincoln statue be torn down because while he was ‘anti-slavery,’ he wasn’t ‘pro-black’ Winston Churchill Jefferson Davis Edward Colston statue in UK Mohandas Gandhi Threats by BLM to destroy the Gettysburg Battlefield Memorial Upheaval over race reached Met Texas Ranger statue in Texas Albert Pike statue in Washington DC Murals & stained glass windows of white Jesus & his European mother Mount Rushmore glorifying white supremacy and Native American protests are planned for July 4th! I wish this was made up, but sadly, it is not. The creator of Mount Rushmore’s forgotten ties to white supremacy TV/Movies Gone With The Wind Paw Patrol Elmer Fudd & Yosemite Sam 10 Problematic Films That Could Use Warning Labels (remember this when Hollywood defends a 'problematic' film as artistic freedom) Proposal to rename John Wayne Airport because of statements he supposedly made The Simpsons will no longer have white actors voicing non-white characters. That makes sense in any era. But, it just adds to the list now. Books The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Schools Princeton to rename its 'Woodrow Wilson' Public Policy School, due to President Wilson's racist thinking and policies White Fragility to be taught in schools Firings San Diego sports executive Fender, the guitar company, fired a luthier after he retweeted a (tasteless) joke The editors of Variety and Bon Appétit both lost their jobs after writing pieces in support of the recent protests and having their efforts judged insufficiently committed, i.e., for being the first people to stop clapping after Stalin’s speech. The Kansas City Chiefs’ mascot was a crime against humanity. An aide to the mayor of Washington was chased out of his job for describing a budget as “niggardly,” NYTimes editor James Bennett forced to resign for Cotton Op-ed Philadelphia Inquirer editor Stan Wischnowski fired for loss of buildings headline Students, Faculty Target Professor for Writing Honest History of Black Lives Matter University of Massachusetts Nursing Dean Fired After Saying “Everyone’s Life Matters” Sen. Scott Jensen, MN, says he's under investigation by state medical board for COVID remarks. The online mob came for Harald Uhlig,a University of Chicago professor and head of the Journal of Political Economy. What terrible thing had he done? Churches & faith based St. Junipero Serra statue in SF is torn down. Archbishop Cordileone offers exorcism prayers States Rhode Island to change name Mississippi State flag Mississippi Senate votes to change state flag Miscellaneous Uncle Sam billboard in Washington changing names of US military bases Princeton subjected a professor to a hate-speech inquisition for using the word “spooks” to refer to ghosts. Oklahoma State football coach Gundy forced to apologize for wearing an OAN t-shirt Drew Brees forced to apologize for supporting the flag and the national anthem 'Master' Bedroom is racist and should be eliminated in real Estate language. This is real. Can't make this stuff up. This leaves out all the daily censorship on social media! FIGHTING BACK! Militia descend on Gettysburg to fight threat of violence and destruction of the battlefield memorial Under pressure, but, the Chicago Blackhawks refuse to change their name Loeffler sent a letter to WNBA Commissioner Cathy Engelbert, asking her to forget about the plans for players to wear warmup jerseys with “Black Lives Matter” and “Say Her Name.” Instead, she asked for all uniforms and apparel to have the American flag on it. This 'cancel culture' is so nuts, even the crazies on the left are 'fighting back'.

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