Culture War
Many from both the right and the left bemoan the state of the American culture today. Whether it is the lack of positive images in TV, movies, music, politicians, sports figures, police in schools and more, freedom and morality are discussed as being in conflict with each other. Benjamin Franklin once wrote on the subject: "Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need for masters." This should ring true to you today as we debate not only our eroding culture, but the role of government in our lives. Are culture and the need for more government control more connected than we realize?

Missing the point!

from The Gray Area:

Amber Guyger got 10 years in prison Wednesday for murdering Botham Jean, a sentence that triggered chants of anger outside the courtroom and an unexpected moment of forgiveness inside.

'I forgive you': Botham Jean's brother hugs Amber Guyger after she gets 10 years in prison.

Those who chanted outside are just ignorant noise. They have no value in the conversation, the tragic events for which this trial took place or in our society as a whole. The real human events took place after the trial and sentencing when Botham Jean's brother, Brandt Jean, gave the most poignant forgiveness speech from the heart that you will ever hear. And, Judge Tammy Kemp hugs the Jean family and the convicted murderer Amber Guyger. Botham Jean’s father, Bertram Jean, told CNN that, like his son Brandt, he bears “no hatred” for Guyger and would like to become her friend. He traced his outlook and his son’s to a religious upbringing: “If you will not forgive, neither will your father forgive you,” he said.

The noise outside should be put in the category of hate and ignored. The tweets from race-baiting nut jobs like Jemelle Hill should also be put in the category of ignorance and hate and ignored.

Nothing Hill has ever had to say will make life better for any humans. This reaction proves it. And it comes as a voice against something that will.

Hill & the protestors outside are all missing the point. Humans, not races of people, but humans, came together here in an unbelievably difficult situation, and their actions exceeded expectations, in every way. The point is that people can come together, if they want to, no matter the circumstances.

Thank you to Judge Kemp, Brandt Jean and Bertram Jean for being examples for everyone to try to emulate. In difficult situations and in everyday situations. It makes all the difference.

Thanks God.

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