Militants in US Media, Supporting Violent Militants Around the World, Needs to Stop!

from The Gray Area:
This weekend's discovery of a radical militant within the CNN network of journalists, is a surprise to no one. You can bet, there are others even closer to the heart of that network and the rest of the mainstream media. It is that same militancy and media blindness that does not understand who’s really endangering the lives of journalists in Gaza, of civilians in both Palestine & Israel and here at home. When people in the US, and other places in the world, start fights, the media is somehow surprised that people will fight back. They justify the violence of the instigator and demean the reaction of the those defending themselves, as if defending yourself is somehow unthinkable. The media and the world's reaction to this drama in Israel is telling. And, from this tell, we can learn quite a lot. Among the lessons are:
  • media protecting radical militants, here and around the world, needs to stop,
  • there are common sense solutions regarding domestic violence & reactions to such violence, that must be addressed realistically,
  • there is a need recognize the Middle East conflict for what it is,
  • is Iran being freed now to re-position its leadership as a major supporter of international terrorism, and
  • is the Biden Administration up to the challenge?
The story below from The Wall Street Journal explains these lessons clearly.
from The Wall Street Journal,
The U.S. needs to give Israel time to degrade the rocket threat. More From The Wall Street Journal (subscription required):

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