If Trump were still President, would Iran think it has the upper hand?

from The Gray Area:

This is a fair question given the collapse of nuclear negotiations with Iran.

Would Iran think it had the upper hand if Trump were still President?

Would we be dependent on Russia and China to help broker a deal?

Would we be letting Iran get away with constructing new nuclear weapons capability?

Would we have to hope that Iran will soften its demands so we can get a deal?

The answer is clearly no.

But, the left will say, Trump would be getting us into a nuclear war with Iran. That didn't happen the 4 years he was President and Iran didn't start pushing its weight around until Trump lost the election. Besides, the leftist fear strategy, vs 'peace through strength', always leaves the USA exposed like this.

As reported over the weekend in The Hill, President Joe Biden’s domestic detractors and U.S. allies in the Middle East, particularly Israel, fear Iran’s recent nuclear advances provide the country with growing leverage. A recent report even suggests that the Biden administration, having grown weary of Iran approaching enrichment levels solely needed for a nuclear weapons program, might settle for an interim deal that proves considerably weaker than the JCPOA. There is the common view that the Iranian regime has “Biden's nuclear number”.

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