The strong sister of the European group, but for how long.

Future of Germany’s Angela Merkel in Question After Coalition Allies Reject Migration Deal

from The Wall Street Journal,

Christian Social Union says Friday’s deal is insufficient; comments cast doubt over future of the German government.

Angela Merkel’s position as German chancellor became more precarious on Sunday after her interior minister rejected a European deal on limiting immigration as insufficient, threatening her government. In a closed-door meeting with leaders of his Christian Social Union, Horst Seehofer, who is also the party’s chairman, said the agreement wouldn’t reduce immigration to Germany, according to a party official, casting doubt over the future of the German government. Mr. Seehofer had handed Ms. Merkel an ultimatum two weeks ago: Find a European deal that stops migrants with asylum applications in other EU countries from entering Germany or he would instruct police to start turning back such migrants at the border. Ms. Merkel had signaled that she would see such a move, which she opposes, as insubordination.

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