What Are You Doing!?!

from The Gray Area:
France recalls its ambassadors from the US & Australia after announcement of nuclear submarine deal with Australia & the UK. Here is how even The New York Times describes this fiasco: "It was the first time in the history of the long alliance between France and the United States, dating back to 1778, that a French ambassador has been recalled to Paris in this way for consultations. The decision by President Emmanuel Macron reflects the extent of French outrage at what it has a called a “brutal” American decision and a “stab in the back” from Australia." Has Biden totally lost his mind? Maybe. Is no one alert at the switch in the Biden Administration? Probably. Is there no cohesive foreign policy? Apparently not. Is no one talking to our allies? Apparently not. Was the Afghanistan pullout not enough of a disaster for our allies? Again, apparently not. The Dems, the media and the radical left for four years said Trump was a danger to our allies. We now know that The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen Milley, was promising to warn China of any moves the Trump administration would make, but, apparently we don't have those conversations with our allies. It appears Biden is more of a danger to our allies than Trump was. And, according to the New York Times, of more danger than at anytime 'in history'!

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