Could Russia be doing us a favor by killing the Iran deal?

from The Gray Area:
Yes, Politico, of all places, reported today that Russia may do Biden a favor by killing the Iran deal. In a desperate bid to save its economy, Russia has been making demands that could kill President Joe Biden’s effort to revive the Iran nuclear agreement. Strangely enough, that might be a blessing for Biden. Some Democrats and diplomats are increasingly wary of restoring the 2015 agreement, arguing it is weaker than before and gives too much sanctions relief to Tehran. That would be the irony of all ironies. Whether it is Russian demands or something else, this deal needs to be stopped. Right now it is rumored that we are offering Iran:
  • $90B in sanctions relief
  • cash (again)
  • removal from the sponsor of terrorism list
  • all this and we ignore their missile strike last week in Iraq near our Consulate.
It doesn't get any more stupid than that. Well, with this administration, I guess it can and does. But, regardless of the incompetence, this deal needs to stop.   We apparently need to remind ourselves of the flaws once again in the original 2015 deal. Help Russia. Continue to be the obstinate, bullies in negotiations that you always are so we can get out of this stupid deal. More From Heritage Foundation: More From Politico:

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