January 6th style 'fascism' north of the border

from The Gray Area:
On February 11th, I posted an article titled, Stop and go home. Otherwise, nothing good will come of this, regarding the Canadian trucker protest. I stand by that position. I also stand with the people of Canada in saying that what the government is doing to stop these protests is totalitarian & fascist by definition and should stop immediately. Let's look at what they have done.
  • Bail denied! Bail fund established and suported by VP Harris during 2020 riots in US?
  • Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Friday repeatedly comparing a group of protesters in Ottawa to Nazis. This again is effective utilization of another political narrative which has no basis in fact. Actually, the opposite is true. The actions of the Canadian government [and the Biden administration] are illustrating Nazi tactics, like eliminating free speech, free assembly, stealing the money of private citizens, publicly doxing participants, dogs, horses, etc. Didn't police on horseback controlling crowds at the American southern border generate days of appalled media coverage. Not this time I guess.
  • And, an investigation that will go on for 'an extended period of time' trying to punish state opposition. Nazi, fascist & marxist tactics at play here.
Thanks to the fascist Canadian government, nothing good is coming of this. They are making it worse. Everyone in Canada should be very concerned what all this totalitarian control means to their futures, especially after living through the extreme COVID lockdowns the past 2 years. More From The Wall Street Journal: More From FoxNews: More From Daily Wire: More From Daily Wire: More From MSNBC: More From MSNBC: More From NPR:

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