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Transparent Parental Rights

from The Gray Area:

States around the country are having to come to grips with a parents uprising in support of their children. Republicans are taking advantage of the trend and Democrats are getting hurt by it.

If you are a Democrat, how do you fight back against parental rights, teaching tactics and educational curriculum when your political agenda is being destroyed by the trend? Well, you come back with complaints of your own about parental rights and teaching tactics.

Welcome to the Obamas.

The Obama's have decided to implement a strategy that uses the trend and subject matter and make it directly in sync with their political agenda, race. Case in point: Michelle Obama’s Brother and His Wife Sue School Over Racism – Educators Say They Were Nothing but Disruptive Bullies .

The current parental rights movement is based on fighting racism as forced into education by critical race theory. Explicit sexual content is also being forced on very young children by the LGBTQ agenda and parents are justifiably up in arms.

Michelle Obama’s brother says his kids were disenrolled from their school as ‘retaliation’ for parents bringing up concerns of bias . But, when you read the details, it appears this is a political attempt to capitalize on the parental rights trend for the purpose of supporting parents concerns about race.

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