Constitution wins two days in a row

from The Gray Area:

In the past two days, The Supreme Court has issued two opinions that are strictly Constitution decisions. Not hampered by political debate or desire, strictly adhering to what the letter and intent of the Constitution requires. That is always good for America. If you are an anti-gun or pro-abortion person, you do not like these decisions. Political narratives are flying to indicate how erroneous both decisions are. The truth is, the narratives are all false. The most obvious false narratives are, one for each decision: -crime and murder will increase in NY after the gun law was said to be unconstitutional because it required a 'government official' to approve your reason to buy a gun, and self defense was not good enough. Duh. -abortion is now illegal. No, it is still legal in states that say it is. In some, abortion did become illegal because of trigger laws. Since SCOTUS returned responsibility to the states where the Constitution says such issues reside, that can change in any myriad of ways the local citizens determine. Speaker Pelosi said yesterday in a press conference that these two decisions were 'completely contradictory' and therefore this court was illegitimate. That again is a political narrative. They are absolutely consistent as noted above. Explaining clearly what states can do and what states cannot do, according to the constitution. A couple of thoughts on the decision:

Even Ruth Bader Ginsburg was not a fan of Roe v Wade. She said it was 'the wrong case and it would have been better to take a more incremental approach to legalizing abortion, rather than the nationwide ruling'. She wanted a 'gradual relaxation of abortion bans on a state-by-state basis'. For those who are saying the Court overturned a 'right' in changing the Roe v Wade 1973 decision, it has been done many times before.  For example, the Jim Crow, separate but equal, decision was overturned some 60 years later by the Supreme Court.  Why? Because it too was a bad legal decision. For those on the left who are shouting about defying the Court or expanding the Court, remember, when the left had majority control of the Supreme Court, decisions made by those Courts satisfied the left and the right was incensed. That is both good and bad.  Good, because to protect our freedom, the founders created such a balance of power that can change.  Moderation over extremes.  Bad, because one of the three primary institutions created to do that was never supposed to end up being politically driven.  They were supposed to always be constitutionally driven.  It is very bad that that has changed.

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