Once Again!

from The Gray Area:

How many of the Supreme Court’s Liberal wing has ever voted against the political left agenda? I asked that question a month ago when two telling Supreme Court decisions came down, and i ask it again today.

McGirt v. Oklahoma was decided in a 5-4 Supreme Court decision, with Justice Gorsuch siding with the 4 liberal judges. Yet another apparent liberal political victory using a conservative judge. But, as I said in the previous posts, Neil Gorsuch, just as Roberts had done before, stood up for Constitutional law in the face of other convenient and even important political and practical arguments.

This country will never be harmed by a Court decision of any case based on the Constitution. It will be harmed by Court decisions based on political expediency. One party tends to think that way. Conservative Justices prove they do not and are true to the Constitution, period!

Remember that!

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