"apocalyptic coverage"

from The Gray Area:
Jonathan Turley explains that the Texas Abortion law does nothing that the media is screaming that it does. He called it "apocalyptic coverage". In truth, if you read what the Supreme Court Justices wrote, the Supreme Court was right not to interfere for now, but the statute won’t survive scrutiny on the merits. Of course, John Roberts continues his trend of siding with the liberal block of justices. Again, the media instead focuses on the conservative majority that won the day as some sort of dangerous anti-government group, and the liberal block as standing for the rights of Americans. Not true, certainly "apocalyptic" and most likely leading back to court packing attempts by the Democrats.. The Wall Street Journal points out another aspect of this law. The law sets an awful precedent that conservatives should hate. Could California allow private citizens to sue individuals for hate speech? Or New York deputize private lawsuits against gun owners? With both Biden and Pelosi swearing to do everything they can to stop this Texas law, the media may end up being correct with its 'apocalyptic' description. More From FoxNews: More From Wall Street Journal:

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