Court Packing - would clearly "politicize the judicial branch"

from The Gray Area:

The above is a partial quote from Joe Biden on Supreme 'Court Packing' in July at the Iowa Caucus. He further stated "I would not get into court packing. We had three justices. Next time around, we lose control, they add three justices. We begin to lose any credibility the court has at all,".

Justice Ginsburg herself said she did not agree with packing the court and that 'nine seems like a good number'.

In fact nine has stood constant since 1868. And it would be a clearly partisan political move should Biden win the presidency and the Democrats win the Senate in November, that they make such a move in 2021. Public resistance vs political resistance would be the only thing that will stop them. And, we know from recent experience, public pressure means nothing if is in opposition to something the left wants to do (Obamacare 2009, ... , COVID lockdowns 2020).

The article below, What does it mean to 'pack' the Supreme Court? Has it been done before?, gets to the history & the heart of the issue of 'court packing'.

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