Revisiting Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett’s Notable Rulings, Votes

from The Gray Area:

Democrats make health care a focus of Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett hearing, for Day 1. They stayed away from the religion issue they used against her 4 years ago. They stayed away from her specific record, instead focusing on hyping fear around what Barrett might do on the court to stifle healthcare and abortion.

There is plenty of hypocrisy to go around on the issue of the last two final year nominations, yet the Democrats continued to focused on the only hypocrisy of the Republican majority in even holding this confirmation process.

The Dems called this process unconstitutional and 'court packing', even though neither is true.

Senator Crapo (R-Idaho) layed out the detailed timeline and history of final year nominations and results from single party control of the Presidency and the Senate and for split party control.

Instead, the opposite is true. Given the Senate majority they would do exactly this and have said they will pack the court with 6 more justices if they will the presidency and the Senate in 2021.

In her opening statement, Barrett tells Senate she will interpret laws ‘as they are written’

Below is an article which revisits Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett’s Notable Rulings, Votes.

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