Still too close to call

from The Gray Area:

One of the two Georgia Senate seats has gone to Democrat candidate Raphael Warnock. Mr. Warnock is as radical a candidate as they have on the left, and that is saying something, and he gets elected in the State of Georgia. That should tell you the size of the problem facing the United States of America.< Republican Loeffler has not yet conceded. p> The other Senate run of is too close to call with Democrat candidate Ossoff hold a 0.4% lead with 99% of ballots counted. Ossoff is a candidate who has no accomplishments to justify a Senate candidacy. If he was a Republican candidate the media would have afield day with this fact. But not as a Democrat candidate. This pattern happens regularly and is also a hint at what this country faces if he also wins the remaining Senate seat.

They have apparently 'stopped counting' for some reason and military ballots have not yet been counted. Expecting these ballot to be a majority Republican, this 'stop counting' tactic is designed to allow the Democrats to see how many votes they will need to win. Happened in November.

Automatic recount is initiated if the race remains below 0.5%.

We may not know the answer on this one until maybe Friday.

We are literally hundreds of votes from the end of America.

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