Here We Go, Election Fraud Lawsuits Filed in Georgia

from The Gray Area:

Sidney Powell 'Released the Kraken' when she filed the first election lawsuits targeting fraud. This begins the process of evaluating evidence for the purpose of proving fraud, or not, in the Presidential election and overturning the anticipated result.

Interesting to note when this suit is filed, instead of giving thoughtful analysis of the lawsuit's contents, the left wing media either ignored the filing, censored all tweets about the filing, repeated that there is no evidence and highlighted typos in the document.

Mainstream media did not comment. Twitter censored al tweets about the filings. Not that they looked at the evidence in the filing, and commented on its merit, just that there wasn't any. Of course there was, it was in the filing. The best analysis which revealed that the media actually read at least some of the filings was they laughingly pointed out typos. Typos. In an historically significant set of accusations with an unrealistically short time frame in which to operate, and the media can only focus on the rushed filings including typos. Sure, no one wants to be shown to have let typos slip through, but really, that is the media focus of presidential election fraud allegations!

Watch closely, because these lawsuits and the evidence included, will likely not be easy to find.

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