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Republicans, Democrats, and Independents from all across the country understand that our society has become litigious to an extreme degree. Texas has been active for years at improving this problem behind Texans for Lawuit Reform. Since 1994, TLR has worked to pass lawsuit reforms that have made the Lone Star State a model for the nation. TLR describes the problem best on their website "We are small business owners, homemakers, and community volunteers. We are lawyers who want our profession back, and plant managers who want our companies to expand facilities to create jobs for Texans. We are consumers who want to eliminate the wasteful "tort tax" from the products and services produced in Texas. We are ranchers and teachers who have anguished over needless lawsuits. We are doctors and nurses who have seen our colleagues abandon their chosen professions because of the emotional and financial toll imposed by legal assaults. We are the citizens of Texas who want a better future for ourselves and our children." The ability to bring suit for a grievance is an important right in America that must not be abused either from limitation to use or excessive use. Today it is excessive use. The Overcriminalization guide prepared by The Heritage Foundation is an eye opener.

We’re Not a Laughingstock? Bergdahl Gets No Jail Time

from Rush Limbaugh,

RUSH: You know, it was interesting. Yesterday Donald Trump points out that our justice system’s rulings often look quite foolish and that he doesn’t understand ’em. Today Bowe Bergdahl gets zero jail time. I must tell you, I’m pretty much past the Bergdahl business. I think it’s an Obama travesty. But Bowe Bergdahl is not gonna get any prison time, and no wonder; Hillary is walking around free. She’s probably just gonna be fined a few dollars. Trump’s exactly right in his tweet yesterday. Just the other day Trump was mocked for saying the judicial system in our country has become a joke. That’s right. I can include the military in this as well.

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