There is probably no clearer example of the partisan political divide than with regard to the issue of immigration. From border states like Texas and Arizona where the problem is illegal immigration and criminal activity to other states like California and Washington who need temporary farm laborers and skilled technology workers, the immigration issue is hotly debated. Unfortunately, the radical fringe of both the left (more minority immigrants=more votes) and right (build a wall & no path to citizenship for illegals) are controlling the immigration conversation with absolutely no attention to the what is best for America. Unlike a few other issues, this issue is ripe for a compromise solution if only the majority of both the left and right would stand up and recognize there is little that separates you on this issue. Lets regain our common sense on this issue and get the radicals out of the way.

Biden’s Open Border Is an Open Invitation to Terrorist Attacks

from Daily Signal,

We saw two examples late last month alone of the huge national security threat we face thanks to President Joe Biden’s open-border policies. First, we learned that a man on the terrorist watchlist was allowed into the U.S. and it took 13 days for Immigration and Customs Enforcement to obtain authorization to rearrest him. The same day, news broke that the FBI had uncovered a plot by ISIS to smuggle alien assassins into the U.S. through the southern border to kill former President George W. Bush.

As Border Patrol and ICE experts have been warning, open borders welcome terrorists.

Biden’s DHS has caught and released more than 756,000 aliens (including 125,000 mostly smuggled, unaccompanied children) at the southern border under the absurd notion that they will honor their notices to report to ICE facilities or notices to appear in immigration court. These numbers don’t even include the more than 620,000 “got-aways.” Altogether, that amounts to almost 1.4 million unvetted aliens that have crossed the border under this administration.

The plot targeting Bush was advanced, strategic, and targeted. Perhaps not surprisingly, Shihab is said to have planned to smuggle terrorists into the U.S. through the open southern border to carry out the plot. Shihab, a former Baath party member and current political exile from Iraq, was in alliance with upward of six other Al-Raed and ISIS affiliates. The group used the instant messaging app WhatsApp to coordinate plans and duties. Shihab was unaware that the group chat included FBI informants. He bragged that he had previously smuggled Hezbollah operatives through the southern border, was willing to smuggle families for money, and planned to help the others involved in the assassination plot enter illegally at the southern border as well. This advanced plot to take the life of a former U.S. president confirms that a weakened border creates an environment for terrorist attacks to germinate.

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