'Is this a joke?'

from The Gray Area:
Joe Biden today celebrated the December jobs report and the resulting 3.9% unemployment rate as a significant example of the success of his economic agenda. The reaction on social media and elsewhere, 'Is this a joke?' No, it was not a joke, he did say it and the media parroted it dutifully as usual. Such a statement should have made the media's head fly off, but no. They had their head fly off for anything Donald Trump said, and nothing he said can match this bold face lie! Where is the list of 20,000 lies for Biden? He lies every time he opens his mouth. If they are keeping a list, bet this one is not even on it.

Speaking of a list of Biden stretches of the truth, here's one:

Following is another list. This one accurately reflecting the state of Biden's economy.  

Maudlin Economics summarizes the report this way: With wage growth running an annualized 6% in the last six months and headline unemployment just 3.9%, hiring is still tough. Employers must pay more to get what they need. This is consistent with continuing inflation and rising bond yields. Nice job with the economy, Brandon. Yes, it is a joke that we have such people leading this country. But the joke is on us, and it is a joke with serious consequences. More From FoxNews:

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