Biden reveals his deception, again.

from The Gray Area:

U.S. Job Growth Falls to Slowest Pace of the Year is the Wall Street Journal headline today.

Even headlines in favorable media like the Washington Post, U.S. economy added 194,000 jobs in September, another weak month heading into final stretch of 2021, & CNN, Another disappointment: US economy adds only 194,000 jobs in September, and Gas prices are at 7-year highs, and President Biden can't do much about it. The New York Times also added, U.S. hiring was weak in September...

To all this critical review, Biden says this: 'We're continuing to make progress'... the number of layoffs and job reductions have been the lowest since 1997 ... with 5 million jobs added, wages up & unemployment down...

194,000 new jobs are disappointing because the estimates were 500,000, and this number is lower than August. The unemployment numbers are down because people continue to 'leave the workforce' due to Biden's incentive pay not to work. Business continue to close because they cannot find workers. There are 10 million job openings with 8 million people sitting at home who could fill them. Most economists believe the combination of less hiring + rising wages means a tight labor market, not necessarily economic weakness.

The Stock Market can see the truth, it closed down on the weak jobs report!

But, Biden won't say that. Instead he keeps trying to put a lid on the US economy and call it progress. Insert your own joke here.

By so aggressively spinning these bad economic numbers in his favor, Biden reveals his deceptive nature. Add his deception regarding the border and the failure of Afghanistan, both of which he called successes, why would anyone believe this man.

from The Wall Street Journal,

The economy added 194,000 jobs in September, the smallest gain since December 2020 and down from the upwardly revised 366,000 jobs added in August, the Labor Department said Friday. The jobless rate fell to 4.8% from 5.2% a month earlier. The rate fell largely because many workers exited the labor force.

The figures add to evidence that fears about the virus and global supply constraints continue to hold back the economic recovery.

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U.S. Job Growth Falls to Slowest Pace of the Year

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