Gifts of Love? Guess Not.

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from Rush Limbaugh,

What a Trumpian Idea! Send Gifts of Love to Sanctuary Cities.

RUSH: Now, what this is, the Washington Post claims to have seen some memos from the Department of the Homeland Security where White House officials — i.e., Stephen Miller — supposedly tried to pressure immigration authorities to release detained illegal aliens onto the streets of sanctuary cities.

What a great idea! They say they love them, they say they want them, they’ve got their borders open, so send them there. What a great idea!

And it is so perfectly Trumpian! The plan was to send some of them to Pelosi’s San Francisco district. I mean,…

“Pelosi’s office blasted the plan.

Isn’t that an incredibly bigoted thing to say? Why should sending more “gifts of love” to sanctuary cities perpetuate fear? Pelosi calls them gifts of love! That’s what she called illegal immigrants! How in the world could sending people she calls gifts of love perpetuate fear? Especially sending ’em to sanctuary cities, which she adamantly supports — eagerly, wholeheartedly, and all that. How in the world can sending little gifts of love “perpetuate fear and demonize” anyone?

Why, I thought this’d be a win-win. I thought .. Trump is reaching across the aisle.

“Targeting Trump’s political foes”? … I remember this story about locating illegals in sanctuary cities. I’d seen this before somewhere. So we did a quick search at Ready for this? Two and a half years ago, here’s the headline from Alabama, “White House Considers Sending Illegal Immigrant Children to Sessions’ Home State.” Shelby and Sessions: Halt Obama’s Plans to House Illegal Alien Juveniles in Baldwin County,” June 12th, 2016.

These people in San Francisco, the sanctuary city, they are nowhere near Pelosi. They’re nowhere near where she lives, and they’re nowhere near where Dianne Feinstein lives in Pacific Heights. If they get anywhere near, here comes the lights and sirens and back to the tenderloin they go.

They’re not gonna get anywhere near where Pelosi and Feinstein and her Chinese spy driver happen to live. That is an excellent point. They’re the ones making all of this possible.

Oakland Mayor Is Mad as Hell. The mayor of Oakland has weighed in on this, and she ain’t happy about it. What are these sanctuary cities, how do they build themselves up? They are seats of compassion, right? They are lone outposts in America where America still cares. The rest of America may be a bunch of heartless snobs, but in the sanctuary cities in this country there’s real compassion, real liberal compassion. They love people. And if the federal government is chasing you, if the revenuers are chasing you, if ICE is chasing you, if Trump is chasing you, if you are in violation of the law, we will protect you, we will shield you, because we, like you, think the United States law sucks.

That’s their attitude. The mayor of Oakland even warns illegal aliens when an ICE raid that she hears about is planned so that they can hide from the ICE agents. “I am proud to be the mayor of a sanctuary city.”

Now Trump tweets He’s Serious About Sending Illegals to Sanctuary Cities

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