Flashback: When Liberals Loved Julian Assange

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from Rush Limbaugh

RUSH: So Julian Assange has been arrested in the Ecuadoran embassy in the U.K. The Drive-By Media is ecstatic. And for those of you that are not clear on why, the Drive-By Media is again manufacturing a wholesale lie. And the lie is that WikiLeaks was the recipient of data from the computers and networks, the Democrat National Committee, that were hacked by Russians.

This is a myth.

The Podesta emails ended up on WikiLeaks because John Podesta himself fell for a phishing attack. This has been documented. It is not arguable. Podesta will not admit it. The media will not talk about it because it’s just too juicy to say that Assange got this stuff from the Russians.

Anti-Trump Forces Revel in Assange Arrest.

So when they used to love Assange, is what I want to focus on, because now they hate Assange because Assange supposedly participated in the sabotage of the DNC server. But he didn’t. He didn’t. Whoever ran the phishing scam on Podesta is who it was that gave WikiLeaks Podesta’s emails.

But let’s go back December 14th, 2010, just as an example. We could have found a bunch of these. Countdown With Keith Olbermann. What better example to show hyper-liberalism. Michael Moore was the guest, filmmaker Michael Moore. And Keith Olbermann said, “You offered the use of your website before Assange or your servers or anything else you can do to keep WikiLeaks alive. You want to keep WikiLeaks alive –” this is December 2010. “What’s the premise of keeping WikiLeaks alive?” …..

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