Double Jeopardy? Political Prosecution?

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from The Gray Area:

Two important areas of concern regarding Paul Manafort.

The State of New York immediately upon Paul Manafort’s final sentencing for Federal crimes, charged Manafort with the same crimes in State court. This is certainly established legal process, but is it right?

Apparently double jeopardy is not at issue here because that principle is trumped, no pun intended, by the separate jurisdictions of Federal and State governments. Then why doesn’t this thinking continue to County, City or even community HOAs? There is a case before the Supreme Court right now, Gamble vs United States, challenging this as double jeopardy. Interesting to see if this is settled and has any affect on the NY State double prosecution of Paul Manafort.

Another concern with this comes to mind as the media hypes this state prosecution as being done to eliminate any possible pardon of Paul Manafort by President Trump. If that is true, than isn’t this a political prosecution, hiding under a relaxed double jeopardy? Does that seem right? It’s one thing to bring charges and another for a court to accept them. Isn’t this a political prosecution that state courts are complicit in?

Don’t get me wrong here, Paul Manafort was clearly involved in fraudulent activities and should pay the price. But, the price shouldn’t be multiplied simply because the political elite in NY State want to exact a pound of political flesh for his association with Donald Trump. Especially since what he was convicted of had nothing to do with Trump.

Much to watch here as our freedoms and liberties appear to be under attack to further a political agenda/retribution.