The Manafort Sentence

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from Rush Limbaugh,

RUSH: Paul Manafort’s fate is in the hands of a judge that hates his guts, Amy Berman Jackson, literally. Obviously if the reports we’re getting out of the courtroom are true, what she’s saying to this guy, she hates this guy’s guts! She doesn’t believe anything he’s saying is still truthful. She doesn’t believe that he’s being straight with her in his pleas for remorse and leniency.

She’s making the point that Russian collusion had nothing to do with this case, it had nothing to do with what my sentence is gonna be. There wasn’t any Russian collusion because Manafort had no relationship with anybody in Russia. Manafort’s work was all done in Ukraine. It is widely known. But she’s doing her best to distance herself from Judge T.S. Ellis last week.

Now, just a little bit about Judge Berman just so you know. This is the same judge who backed John Kerry for the White House in 2004. Amy Berman Jackson also has claimed that George W. Bush stole the White House in 2000. She is the same judge who ruled for the Obama Regime against the Little Sisters of Catholic Church and for Hillary against the families of those killed in Benghazi.

She’s appointed by Obama. I know judge Justice Roberts will not appreciate me saying this, but she is an Obama judge through and through and her statements about Bush stealing the election in 2000 came before she was appointed to the bench. So at least there is that.

The real intrigue here on the Manafort sentence is whether or not whatever he gets is gonna be consecutive or concurrent, meaning is he gonna get out in time to have a life left or is he gonna die in jail.

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