French Middle Class Riots Against Macron’s Carbon Tax

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from Rush Limbaugh,

RUSH: Now, I want to move to what’s happening in France. Have you seen at all in the last week any video out of France, what’s happening over there? Just a few seconds, huh? Here’s the thing about this. Isn’t Europe utopia? Isn’t Europe showing us the way? Don’t our elites tell us that our future is emulating Europe, from trains to climate change to immigration, the Europeans are doing it right. The Europeans have got it down pat, right?

Well, in this case, the Europeans, the French, are doing exactly what the global climate change political movement wants done! This young little whippersnapper president has put a massive tax on carbon, which has driven the price of gasoline to over seven bucks a gone. Now, they want you to believe, to the extent that they’re reporting this, that interestingly the media wants you to believe, that it’s extreme leftists that are wearing the yellow vests and are protesting. That’s not who’s protesting.

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