Why Do Felons Vote Democrat?

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from Rush Limbaugh,

CALLER: Totally awesome to be speaking with you, Rush. Tomorrow in the November 6th election there’s a referendum on the ballot here in Florida that has tremendous national and political implications for all of us. I’m referring to the No. 4 constitutional amendment which would return voting rights to 1.5 million felons in Florida. We have the largest population of nonvoting felons in the country at the moment. If the 1.5 million felons in Florida are given back their right to vote, what would happen would be that a million voters would be added to the Democrat rolls. Studies over the years have shown that 70% or more of convicted felons register as Democrats and presumably, therefore, vote as Democrats.

RUSH: Why would convicted felons…?

It is thought to be true that convicted felons if given the chance to register and vote would be 90% for the Democrats. It’s strange, because the enemy of convicted felons is the government — and the Democrats are the biggest buddies of Big Government there is. But, as you and I all know, the biggest friends the criminal element has is the Democrat Party. Which party is it out there is it’s trying to get everybody released from prison under the belief that they’re all illegally, unjustly imprisoned?

The Democrat Party. And as the party of Big Government that hands out benefits, if you’re a felon, it’s tough to get a gig. If you’re a felon, it’s tough to get a job. If you’re a felon, it’s tough to get back into the normal flow of, quote-unquote, “respected society.” If the Democrats are gonna come along and pay you, basically — taking care of you for voting for ’em — that would makes sense.

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