Dissecting the Democrats’ Caravan Strategy

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from Rush Limbaugh,

RUSH: The New York Post just published headline: “Migrant Caravan Heading for U.S. Turns Around in Mexico.” Have you seen this anywhere else? I haven’t. It’s not on Drudge yet. I report this to you with a little bit of caution.

“The caravan of Honduran migrants have turned around today, a day after reaching the Mexico/Guatemala border, according to a report…” This is the New York post, it’s an AP story. “Some 4,000 migrants fled their lives of poverty and violence in the Central American country with the hopes to make it…” They were bought and paid for. Nothing about this is organic! Trump is right to ask who is paying for this. Who is buying the food?

Who is buying the water and distributing it? Who is paying for the gasoline for the vehicles being used? Where are these people taking care of hygienic requirements? For those of you in Rio Linda, where are they pooping? Have you seen…? They got any porta-potties trailing along in the caravan? All of this stuff has to be accounted for. You’re going to bring 4,000 people. They’ve gotta eat, gotta drink. They gotta have some shelter at some point. Who is behind this? And we’re gonna find out. We’re gonna find out.

The thing about this, I’m trying to… I openly speculated about this yesterday. Somebody on the Democrat side wants this to happen. I’m trying to figure out how this caravan… Let’s say they get to the border and storm the border and just run across it. How do they think that helps the Democrats? Unless it’s just the pictures of chaos they think are going to redound negatively on Trump.

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