Paid Protestors & Mob Rule

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from The Gray Area:

What we have witnessed in the Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation process is despicable and the definition of mob rule. Preconceived notions rule. Political ideology is the determining factor. Trump derangement syndrome blinds analysis. No facts are evaluated. No negative allegation is unplaced. Media ignores and does not present relevant data to the public. And paid protestors perform whatever civil disobedience, disruption, disturbance of the peace and violence is requested of them to embarrass, coerce, threaten and assault opposing Congressmen & Senators.

The offices that many Republican senators are getting. They are being deluged, their entire families are being threatened. Their grandchildren are being threatened. Their wives, their husbands, barmaids, everybody they know being threatened.

If this was the first or the only example of such mob rule, it would be different. But it is not. It has been occurring for decades and has come to be a political strategy on the left since Donald Trump became president. Below are a few recent examples.

Professional Democrat Operative Engineered Flake Elevator Ambush

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NYT Columnist blames far left mob

Maxine Waters calls for political violence

CNN’s Cuomo supports AntiFa violence

Training Kavanaugh protestors, 7:10 of the Tucker Carlson Tonight show

Mob was not able to intimidate the Senate

Kimberley Strassel at the Wall Street Journal tweeted today.
Just to be clear on what @LisaMurkowski voted for today:
1)–to legitimize and sign off on the most despicable tactics ever in a nomination.
2)–to stand with Dianne Feinstein, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris.
3)–to leave Judge Brett Kavanaugh subject to claims of perjury/impeachment.”
4)–to abandon due process and presumption of innocence.
5)–to potentially leave High Court at a 4-4 deadlock, putting the loony 9th circuit in control of everything that matters to Alaska–development, prop rights, gun rights, enviro rules, etc.
Quite the statement.

This has to stop!

The only way to stop it is to vote against everyone who supports such tactics and do it in mass!