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from TPPF,

What to Know: It’s not the taxes and regulations that are leading thousands of New Yorkers to flee that state, according to the state’s governor.

“Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo blamed the upstate weather for prompting New Yorkers to flee to other states,” the Associated Press reports. “Cuomo told reporters Tuesday that while job losses and high taxes once drove people to leave New York, his administration has ended that trend and improved the local economic situation. He said many of the New Yorkers leaving the state now are doing so for personal reasons or decisions that he called ‘climate based.’ The comments came after Cuomo’s Republican challenger, Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro, said on Monday that Cuomo has failed to stem the number of New Yorkers leaving for states with lower taxes and more jobs.”

The TPPF Take: Then why is Gov. Cuomo suing the Trump administration over federal tax cuts and a provision that caps local and state tax deductions?

“In a lawsuit filed last summer, New York and other high-tax states claimed that the tax cuts are nothing more than an attempt by Republicans to pressure them into cutting taxes and reducing the size of government,” says TPPF’s Chuck DeVore. “The fact is that states such as New York are overtaxing their residents, and the response is predictable – residents are voting with their feet and leaving for better opportunities.”

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