Climate Scientist Rejects Doomsday Alarmism

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by Dr. S. Fred Singer,

from CFACT,

I am a climate scientist, … but I completely reject the doomsday climate scenarioswe constantly hear in the so-called mainstream media.

I see the negative impact of the climate alarmists’ apocalyptic message. I see how it warps the minds of some of our most promising young people. I see how it is used to silence dissenting voices in a place where freedom of speech is supposed to be especially treasured.

Climate alarmismis also the foot in the door that today’s socialists are using to convince young people to their side.

Socialism is on the rise in America, and the climate indoctrination going on in America’s colleges and universities is a big reason why.

The radical green agenda is a war. Not a war to “save the planet”, but an all-out war on capitalism and freedom.

A case in point: On July 21st, hundred of thousands of young people in cities across America were mobilized to take to the streets in a well orchestrated “Youth Climate March”. The kids were cleverly employed to deliver a list of demands including”shifting our culture away from capitalism (which) has led to climate change.”

Meanwhile in Portland, Oregon, the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals just granted a petition to hear an outrageous case filed by 21 children and young adults who actually believe their futures will be ruined by catastrophic climate change.

And last year, more than 200,000 people marched in NYC … carrying banners that read “Capitalism is destroying the planet we need “revolution” and “Fight for a socialist future”. The keynote speaker was Bernie Sanders.

Having studied this subject for decades, I know the science surrounding global warming is far from”settled”. There is nothing alarming in any of the actual evidence. But the climate crusaders are ignoring the science, and the socialists are more than happy to use any means necessary to wreck our economy through this radical climate agenda.

We’ve been told over and over that each successive year was “the hottest year ever”.

But for the climate change crowd to make even this claim, they have to cherry pick their data and completely ignore the US and UK satellite data, which they know full well are the best available.

The truth is that there was not very much warming during the second half of the 20th century, and none since then.

What about the 97%, “consensus” of climate scientists?

Perhaps you saw the peer-reviewed survey of scientists in Forbes magazine. Only 36% of scientists agree with the end of the world scenario of global warming that fuels the UN climate agenda.

On campuses … students are challenged to consider this:

  • If we look at the historic record – lets say 3,000 years – we see that people really suffered during cold periods. During the little ice age, 1400-1850, things were really cold in Europe. Harvests failed. Food was scarce, People starved. There was much disease. It was a miserable period.
  • Before that however we had a “medieval warm period” around 1100 AD. Temperatures then were at lest as hot as they are now maybe hotter. During this time the Vikings discovered and settled Greenland. Life was good in Europe. cathedrals were built. Wars and violence decreased. People prospered. There was plenty of food.

Despite fearmongers dire predictions, the historical record clearly shows that a warmer period is better for human beings than a colder period.

You should see the faces of some of these kids when these issues are discussed.

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