We’re Surviving Trump Just Fine

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from The Wall Street Journal,

Hysteria aside, the Woodward book shows the president as an amateur.

My purpose here is not to elevate President Trump in anyone’s estimation, but to inject some realism about the presidency. Barack Obama spun his wheels on impotent attempts to build a legacy out of expansions of the entitlement and regulatory state in ways that don’t look like much now. But he avoided major disasters. Mr. Trump is, functionally, Mr. Obama without the ambition (putting aside his odd ideas about trade) and has been rewarded with 4% growth, which is finally delivering the kind of “hope and change” that might make a difference in the lives of Mr. Obama’s “hope and change” voters.

If this is incompetence, we can tolerate it. If his tenure leads to a downgrading of the presidency and a reassertion of Congress as the proper policy maker for the country, all the better.

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