No Mr. Obama, the backlash is to you, and your Marxist agenda

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from The Gray Area:

President Obama came out today for the first time publicly (not really, but possibly the first time mentioning his name) against President Trump saying “… the country is facing a backlash moment, and the current President is the symptom.” No Mr. Obama, the backlash is against you and your Marxist agenda.

Trying to protect himself and his legacy, Mr. Obama has come out to publicly join the resistance. And, of all times, in a week of embarrassing displays by his political party in the Senate SCOTUS hearings. He and they appear to believe that the country is in danger now, when things are going ‘great again’!

No Mr. Obama, the backlash came from 2009 to 2016 when the Tea Party started up against your Marxist, anti American agenda and your party lost almost every local, state and federal government election (except President) during that time. Then, in 2016, half the country voted to move away from your leadership(?) and forward to an America that actually works for everyone not just elite politicians, special interests and special identity groups. The backlash began then and it was against you.

President Trump didn’t start anything. He recognized that half the population, and who didn’t live in major US cities, were completely dissatisfied with the direction of the country and wanted a change. Change, a word you used successfully, but did not mean positive change, it meant Marxist change. “Fundamental change’ to this country and “re-distribution of wealth”, which were the two Marxist principles you stated. The country did not and does not want that. What you are feeling is that backlash and you and your party and your activist supporters are acting out against the half of the country who feel that way.

Your timing for coming out publicly now is to join the Democrat marketing strategy for the November mid-terms. You are trying to take credit for an economy you did not create. You are trying to leave an opinion that the country is in horrible shape, which is isn’t. You are trying to point to President Trump as the divisive element in the country, when your radical agenda and Marxist revolutionary supporters are the divisive elements. Your supporters say they represent the people, but instead they are a violent mob. Your hope is that you can again pull the wool over the eyes of the public.

I can only pray it won’t happen again this time.

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