Judge Brett Kavanaugh — a Catholic — faces a historical struggle between canon and constitutional law

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from The Washington Post,

In late 1972, while drafting the Supreme Court’s landmark Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion, Justice Harry Blackmun asked fellow justice William J. Brennan Jr. to review a section in the opinion concerning the Roman Catholic Church.

“Your judgment as to this will be most helpful,” Blackmun wrote, according to a biography of Brennan.

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Blackmun turned to Brennan for precise clarification of the church’s position on abortion vehemently opposed to it — because he expected his colleague would know it by heart. Brennan was the court’s lone Catholic. And he was on Blackmun’s side of history — to legalize abortion, the church’s position be damned.

The story of Brennan’s seminal role in legalizing abortion had been largely overlooked as President Trump considered two Catholic judges …

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