Rogue Rosenstein Threatens Congressional Investigators

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from Rush Limbaugh,

RUSH: So I want to take a different direction here. There’s stuff happening that’s really important that’s been overshadowed by the summit and some other things, and it’s back to this Trump-Russia collusion and the FBI spying operation, that whole story.

And one of the things Nunes has subpoenaed is the document or the series of documents that will simply explain when this investigation began, what triggered it. Because that has — that question has had many answers. They first tried to tell us that the Steele dossier was the reason for the investigation. I mean the FBI, CIA, the intelligence community investigation of the Trump-Russia collusion that led to Mueller being appointed. And then when the Steele dossier…

So the most recent iteration (as I’m really leaping forward here) is we have learned that Rosenstein was so mad that they refused to take his “no” for an answer that he threatened to retaliate against the oversight committee! Rosenstein was threatening to sue them! And now we’ve learned that Rosenstein and others were demanding that the House Intelligence Committee be investigated simply because of what it wanted to see that was in the possession of the FBI and the DOJ.

This has gone so far outside the bounds of propriety and common sense. What in the world is going on when the deputy director of the FBI claims that a congressional committee needs to be investigated by a special counsel? Now, what’s happened, I think, is that these intelligence community people — this little cabal of holdovers loyal to Obama and the deep state itself — have actually gone rogue. I think these people consider themselves above congressional oversight for whatever reasons.

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