The Left (and some on the Right) don’t want President Trump to succeed

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from The Gray Area:

Remember this in November when the left tries to get you to vote for the anti-American ‘blue wave’.

Both sides talk about the need to unify this country, yet when something happens that should provide unification, the left shows it’s true colors and refuses.

Would you have ever thought that citizens of this country would not be unified in support for diplomatic efforts to de-nuclearize the Korean Peninsula? But, united support is not what you see in the lead up to and the reporting after President Trump’s initial meeting with Kim Jong Un. Instead, after the first negotiation attempt by President Trump with the North Korean dictator you have Chuck Schumer saying we will only accept total de-nuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and he was afraid that Kim was getting something for nothing. Really? Where were you in establishing this negotiation? Just shut up Chuckie, you’re embarrassing yourself.

You also have the media saying after this meeting that Kim got the better of Trump. Where is the possible evidence for that position? Don’t you remember the aggressive tactics Trump used before the summit? You feared nuclear war then. Now you fear a give-up by President Trump? Come on, at least try to present an image of being consistent, realistic and optimistic for peace. And, these kind of attacks from people who supported Obama when he opened up Cuba and got nothing in return. When Obama negotiated the deal with Iran where he paid hundreds of millions of dollars for them to expand their support of terror and delay their nuclear bomb making for 10 years (maybe, if they felt like it).

It is clear that the left (and some on the right) doesn’t want Trump to succeed with this historic peace effort. They wish for anything bad to happen to this country to get rid of Trump and they downplay all the good news since he became President.

A sample of some of the negative & petty comments from the left:

Morning Joe- I have concerns
‘Another blow to allies’: Trump to stop ‘war games’
– another laughable assertion. when has the left cared about the military? They despise war games and are constantly complaining and trying to stop them.
Tension with the West is contrasted with an openness to undemocratic leaders.
Trump Was Outfoxed in Singapore
Summit Stunner: Trump concession blindsides SK
– the sleeves out of his vest
Even Trump Can’t Explain What Happened in Singapore
document makes no mention of North Korea’s human rights violations
– How about the three Americans who got released before the talks, remember that?
– How about the impact on Donald Trump of the American, Otto Warmbier, who was tortured, released, returned and died, remember that?
– Nothing was done about NoKo human rights under Obama, just the opposite. He let people stay there and die, afraid of the NoKo nuclear threat!

Clinton administration UN ambassador Bill Richardson told the Washington Post that it was a win for North Korea “because it illustrates the stature of Kim as a world figure and helps him domestically,”
CNN global affairs analyst Max Boot chalked up the meeting as something that “any previous president could have done,” while MSNBC regular Jon Meacham claimed “just because something hasn’t happened before, doesn’t mean it’s historic.”
– what?
– Remember, Trump got China to help broker this peace process; sure anyone could have done that, they just chose not to, right?
CNN took a break from its usual habit of criticizing the president for consuming too much soda and fast food to allege that the summit’s menu was too upscale. Samantha Vinograd, the network’s national security analyst, proclaimed that the United States legitimized Kim by releasing the details of the food served during a working lunch. Vinograd said the menu puts Kim on “equal footing with other world leaders, which is what he wants,” before downplaying the working lunch as “perfunctory.”
“CNN Tonight” host Don Lemon made sure to add that the meal served to Kim and Trump sounded “very expensive.”
CNN star Acosta slammed for obnoxious grandstanding at Summit

“The No. 1 way Trump scares the media and the left isn’t with the possibility he will fail to get peace with North Korea. They fear he will succeed and deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.” Media Research Center

Remember this in November when the left tries to get you to vote for the anti-American ‘blue wave’.

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