Orchestrated and Misleading Attacks on Scott Pruitt

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from CFACT,

His security, DC bedroom and policies are legitimate and defensible, under any fair standard

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has been hounded lately by allegations of rich spending and poor judgment. … Pruitt … seems to be cleaner than his critics claim.

This attack on Pruitt is more orchestrated, more hysterical and more desperate than any other we’ve seen in recent history – with the possible exception of the relentless attacks on the President himself.

An alarming number of threats have been made against Pruitt-and even member so his family. He has already received four times the number of threats received by Gina McCarthy, the EPA Administrator during Obama’s second term. Threats including language such as, “I’m going to put a bullet in your brain!” is common.

The government has opened 70 probes into threats against Pruitt in the past year!

When Administrator Pruitt’s government security team recommended improved safety precautions during his travels, the Green Left and their friends in the media leveled charges he was spending too much money on travel!

The entire campaign to get rid of Scott Pruitt is built on falsehood and misinformation.

They used a similar character assassination tactic successfully against Ronald Reagan’s Interior Secretary and EPA administrator.

As usual, the never-questioning, always-loyal-to-the-left media have gleefully amplified the manufactured “scandals” involving Scot Pruitt.

The Washington Post has railed against the “unprecedented level of security”

The New York Times has published 400 articles berating Pruitt.

These media attacks are part of a concerted effort underway to take out Pruitt, spearheaded by Left-wingers in Congress, teh Freen-friendly media, and extreme environmental groups, including the Sierra Club, Green for All and Center for American Progress Action.

They call their campaign Boot Pruitt

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