Why Doesn’t Anyone Push Back on Leftist Hate?

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from The Gray Area:

Whenever a Republican, conservative, FoxNews commentator, or other personality that the left hates (think Roseanne Barr) says something stupid (or can be spun to be stupid or portrayed to fit the left’s stereotype of the right as racist, homophobic, sexist, bigoted, etc), the left and their media allies come out in force with a planned and organized reaction. When the left does something stupid or hateful (which happens much more often) the Republicans just sit on their hands. Which is another reason why I continue to say, the Republican Party is incompetent!

The Robert DeNiro rant at the Tony Awards is a good current example of this. He screams hate on national television, dropping uncut “F-bombs” at President Trump to standing ovations by the leftist in attendance and all you hear from the Republican party and its representatives is ‘crickets’. FoxNews runs a story on it, but that is it. To get it replayed on the mainstream media and discussed as an example of the continuous hate from the left is an unrealistic expectation. So, the right just takes it!

Well, enough! It is long past time for the Republican Party to take a stand on its principles and defend itself in a planned and organized fashion. No more accepting the false narrative of Republican’s and conservatives being racist, homophobic, sexist, bigoted, etc. Go straight at it with an aggressive and no holds barred rebuttal. Turn the tables on the left by exposing their hypocrisy on the subject.

Rush Limbaugh talks about this same subject in greater below.

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