Big Green Russian Collusion

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from CFACT,

As you know, those on the Left have been going ballistic over so-called Russian “meddling” and “collusion” in U.S. elections.

They’ve found nothing meaningful. Doubtful they will. But want to know what’s really outrageous about their obsessive witch-hunt?

It’s the fact they themselves are the guilty party!

That’s right, the real collusion going on concerns the tens of millions of dollars that has been funneled between Russia and radical environmental organizations!

Recently, a congressional committee released a shocking report detailing Russian funding of U.S. environmental groups. It says Russian money was used to fund the protests of fracking and other pro-energy endeavors such as the Keystone XL pipeline.

Rep. Lamar Smith, chairman of the committee, investigated and exposed the shadowy Bermuda-based shell companies that operate as “pass through” organizations for Russian funds.

IRS records reveal these shell companies have contributed tens of millions to an organization called the “Sea Change Foundation” – a U.S. nonprofit.

Russian efforts also exposed to disrupt U.S. energy markets.

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