Trump Rally Rocks Indiana, Infuriating Liberals

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from FoxNews,

RUSH: This is this morning on CNN. Trump had a magical appearance last night in Elkhart, Indiana. It was Trump to perfection. It was Donald Trump as he is, Donald Trump who he is. Donald Trump had an overflowing place with people eating out of the palm of his hand.

He was talking about American greatness. He was talking about how great the people in the hall are, how important they are to the country. He continued to explain his agenda that is all about loving America and making it great. So here’s Axelrod now on with Alisyn Camerota at CNN, and she asks him, “What is it like for you?” I mean, you have to sit here and you have to watch Trump dismantle the Obama legacy. “What is it like for you,” Mr. Axelrod, to have to watch this happen?

AXELROD: I’m wondering how many of those things could the president of the United States sit here and talk to you for more than three minutes about in detail? I suspect he doesn’t know. The barometer that he uses is not, “Is this in the national interest?” It’s, uh, “Did Obama support it? Did he sponsor it?” He’s about the business of trying to arouse his base. It’s not about the policy! We’ve never seen anything like this before, where one president spends all his time trying to malign a — a — a former president. I think he resents the fact that Obama left as — as — a respected president with high approval ratings, that the elites, uhh, liked Obama, and, uhhh, so he — he really wants to tear down the Obama legacy.

RUSH: Well, I’ll tell you, he is tearing it down, and it’s driving these people nuts. So I guess they’re telling themselves that Trump is this rotten, dastardly guy who’s simply tearing down Obama’s legacy because he’s jealous of Obama, that Obama was liked by these egghead, phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time elitists, and Trump isn’t. So since Trump is jealous, he’s gonna get even with Obama! He’s gonna tear every Obama legacy item apart.

The truth of the matter is, Obama’s legacy was built on balsa wood. Trump could not get rid of Obama’s legacy if it was real. If Obama’s legacy really were attached to public opinion — meaning if the American people really, really liked what Obama had done — Trump would not be able to tear this apart. Trump would not have been able to get elected. Trump is only doing what he said he was gonna do on the campaign trail. He’s only fulfilling promises.

Now, they can gripe at the motivation all they want. I think they tell themselves,

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