What Liberals Are Telling Themselves About the Cohen Raid

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from Rush Limbaugh,

RUSH: I want to kick off here with a different take on the raid of Trump’s lawyer’s office by the FBI working in conjunction with the U.S. attorney’s office, Southern District of Manhattan, after a referral by the august and incomparably integrity filled special counsel, Robert F. or B. or whatever Mueller III.

I happen to be privy to a secret conversation — that’s not the right word. Not mysterious, but what a bunch of libs themselves are saying about this, about what a bunch of liberal media people are saying about this. And the key from their standpoint — now, I just want to throw this out to you — is that this is nothing about attorney-client privilege being violated because Cohen is not really a Trump lawyer in the sense of things. He is a fixer. He is assigned to go places and fix situations, but he’s not actually, in many of the things that he does for Trump, a lawyer. And so there isn’t any attorney-client privilege.

For example, they are saying what if Trump dispatched Cohen to Russia or Ukraine to negotiate some aspect of a new hotel deal? They are theorizing that Mueller and his team are thinking that there’s a lot of what Cohen has done for Trump that would not even fall under the privilege, and therefore there would be no protection. Now, it’s a stretch.

What it boils down to is, they still don’t have anything. And they are grasping. They’re grasping at straws to try to find any way — they remain convinced — after hearing and being privy to that which I just shared with you, I remain convinced that they think there really is something to this Russia collusion business, and they are hell-bent on finding it.

I’m just telling you what they think Mueller is doing. I think they’re all wet. But this is an illustration. They’re salivating, ’cause they don’t have anything. They’re making it up. It’s wishful thinking that they can somehow convert Cohen into a non-lawyer and that Cohen knows everything. He knows what Ivanka’s been doing, knows what Don Jr. has been doing. He knows what Jared’s been doing.

They’ve been running the Trump Organization. “He’s got ’em dead to rights,” is what the left thinks, and they don’t even need to pierce attorney-client privilege to find out what Cohen knows. You keep a sharp eye. You’ll see. It won’t be long before this pops up in the Drive-By Media. You wait.

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