Twitter CEO and Other Stupid Leftists Want to Eliminate Conservatives

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from Rush Limbaugh,

RUSH: Did you see what this CEO of Twitter said? Jack Dorsey is his name. He’s the guy that invented or founded Twitter.

the thing about Jack Dorsey at Twitter. Jack Dorsey read an article by a couple leftist professors and retweeted it thinking, “Man, this is a great read.” You know what it is? It’s a very long, serious piece on how the only solution the United States has is to simply eliminate the Republican Party, just get rid of it, that California is the model. If we want to save America and if we want America to actually be great, we need to model the rest of the country after California and simply get rid of the GOP and conservatism.

They make the point that I do, that there’s no commonality, there’s no common ground, there’s no reason negotiate …

So the CEO of Twitter is retweeting this thing calling for essentially the end of the GOP. Not how, but basically they say we’re already in the second civil war. It’s been underway for a long time.

Twitter’s in the process of doing what the CEO thinks is a great thing, eliminating the GOP, conservatism. Facebook is too. Facebook and Twitter are at this moment eliminating conservative sites and not allowing them. They’re shadow banning, meaning they’re not really banning ’em — well, they are. Ted Cruz will tweet something out and nobody sees it because they’ve banned it, but there’s nothing official. It’s just Cruz is tweeting to an empty room, essentially.

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